INDEPHYT is our plant innovation laboratory where we study the olive tree in depth.

Using innovative molecular biology techniques and methodologies, we acquire advanced knowledge that allows us to design and develop effective, personalized and sustainable solutions.

Main research lines: Plant Nutrition, Health and Growth

Plant Nutrition

Achieving a balanced nutrition that meets the crop needs can help guarantee high yields, as well as limiting the impact that excessive amounts of nutrients can have on the enviroment

The study and analysis of essential nutrients allows us to improve nutritional diagnostics and define balanced treatments. In addition, they helps us to design specific fertilizers for olive trees that solve specific nutritional deficiencies with zero environmental impact.

Plant Health

The spread of emerging and re-emerging diseases threatens crop health and productivity. The lack of diagnosis and tools to combat them accelerate their development and virulence.

We give priority to plant health research identifying phytopathogens and in vitro testing different compounds with a dual goal, carrying out precision diagnostics and designing personalized and effective health therapies.

Plant Growth

In the olive grove we find an inexhaustible source of natural resources to recover and protect its biodiversity. Using biotechnology and fermentation techniques, we select and identify the microorganisms with the greatest protective capacity against diseases and with high biostimulant functions that enhance plant growth.

The discovery of biologically active substances allows us to develop specific bioproducts and propose effective nutritional and health therapies as alternatives to chemical synthesis treatments.

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