Biological Control

A99 ‘Attractant’

Attracts and captures olive fruit flies

  • 100% olive tree improvement
  • Field-tested
  • Zero waste
  • Suitable for organic farming

A99 ‘ATTRACTANT’ is a diammonium phosphate product indicated to attract and capture the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae).


  • A99 ‘ATTRACTANT’ an effective solution to control the olive fruit fly population.
  • The product is suitable for organic farming according with the European regulation (EC) nº 834/2007 of June 26th, 2007.
  • It does not contain pheromones or insecticides either in its composition or in its use.
  • The catch rate may exceed 70%.
  • Easy handling, dosage and storage due to its soluble powder presentation.
  • It does not leave residues either on the olive or the olive tree.

Presentation: soluble powder
Product quantity availability: 1 y 5Kg
Application Timetable: jfmamjjasond

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