Plant biostimulant

E46 ‘Growth’

Strengthens the stem growth and increases leaf mass

  • 100% olive tree improvement
  • Balances pH
  • Field-tested
  • Zero waste
  • Suitable for organic farming

E46 ‘GROWTH’ is an organic biostimulant that promotes the vegetative growth of the olive tree, strengthens the growth of the stem and increases the leaf mass.


  • Is a plant origin product obtained by enzymatic procedures indicated to stimulate and reinforce the metabolic functions of the plant.
  • It is a powerful activator of metabolic functions in normal and stressful conditions (droughts, frosts, high harvests…).
  • Its acid behaviour lowers the the nutrient solution pH, fostering nutrient assimilation.
  • Product suitable for organic farming according with the European regulation (EC) nº 834/2007 of June 26th, 2007.
  • It is well tolerated by the olive tree.
  • E46 ‘GROWTH’ fosters potassium penetration via leaves.
  • It is compatible with most phytosanitary treatments (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides) increasing its effectiveness.
  • It reduces the olive tree energy expenditure.
  • Cost-effectiveness when carrying out low-dose treatments.
  • Easy handling and dosage due to its gel form.

Presentation: fluid gel
Product quantity availability: 5 y 10L
Application Timetable: jfmamjjasond

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