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Fe21 ‘Fertility

Great activity on the soil structure and fertility

  • 100% olive tree improvement
  • Field-tested
  • Zero waste
  • Suitable for organic farming

Fe21 ‘FERTILITY’ is a EDDHA chelated iron fertilizer with humic and fulvic acids indicated to prevent and improve Iron deficiencies in soils. It is an optimal solution for iron chlorosis control.


  • It is an Iron source in calcareous and alkaline soils and is stable over a wide pH range in soil (7-11).
  • Its formulation guarantees maximum stability and iron protection ensuring complete availability for the tree.
  • Iron is an essential element for the chlorophyll synthesis and plant develpment. The combination of ‘ortho-ortho and ortho-para’ isomers provides the optimal balance between shock effect (o-p) and persistence over time (o-o) of the application.
  • Humic and fulvic acids have improve the soil physicochemical properties and fertility.
  • Product suitable for organic farming according with the European regulation (EC) nº 834/2007 of June 26th, 2007.
  • Easy handling and dosage due to its microgranules form. Water solubility.
  • Cost reduction when carrying out low-dose treatments.
  • Does not release dust. No clogging problem in irrigation systems. No residues in dissolution tanks.

Presentation: soluble microgranules
Product quantity availabilty: 5Kg
Application Timetable: jfmamjjasond

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